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"I go to seek a Great Perhaps." -Francois Rabelais
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Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will

— Unknown (via chorall)

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George R. R. Martin is a terrible wedding planner.

or the best one.


when i was little i actually questioned why girls were supposed to cross their legs and when i was told “because boys will look up your skirt” i said “then tell boys not to look up our skirts” and my grandma got really angry with me but my uncle thought i was great and gave me a high five

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yeah so i slept with this dude last night and idk we were chatting a bit  during the sexy time and for some reason his birthday came up and i was like “wait 25th of september? DUDE me TOO, wtf thats such a coincidence” and he was like “really? we have the same birthday? are u fuckin with me?” and i just looked down at his penis literally inside my vagina and was like “well technically yeah” and he was like haha nice one and high fived me

Amazing how the heart clutches at anything familiar, whimpering, Mine! Mine!

The Year of the Flood, Margaret Atwood (via fyeahliteraryquotes)

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I’ve gotten to the point where my parents could take everything away from me and I’d still be content to just lay in my bed and sleep. 


my anxiety gets 700% worse when someone says “can i talk to you”